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Handmade Black Walnut Serving Board with Clear Epoxy River

Handmade Black Walnut Serving Board with Clear Epoxy River

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This stunning serving board can also be used as a cheeseboard, a cutting board, a charcuterie board, or as an addition to liven up your kitchenware collection. It is extra thick and is perfect for those looking for some extra height.

We offer a standard size of around 35cm*25 cm, as well as smaller or other customised sizes. If you are deliberating what to gift to your loved one, our serving board can even be engraved with you and your loved one’s name or any other words of your choice. Perfect choice for birthday gift, anniversary gift, valentines day gift or Christmas gift.


- 100% handmade in Hong Kong
- Made with Italian live-edge wood slabs each with unique wood grain
- Customisable epoxy colour and flow and wood layout
- Oil finish made in USA
- Food safe and solvent free
- Personalisation add-on service
- Optional handles 

Please take note that if used as a cutting board, we strongly recommend cutting on the wooden areas and not on the epoxy resin. Please take note that over time, there will be cutting marks on the wood due to the nature of the wood.

If you have any design or dimension that you want us to make, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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