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To create infinite possibility in limited space

How to customise your table

  1. Send us a message by email, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp with your custom furniture details (e.g. design, wood, color) - or if you are undecided, our wood artists can make recommendations based on your general preferences!

  2. Our wood artists will contact you for further discussion and provide you with a fee estimate.

  3. If you accept the fee estimate, we will send you an invoice for the deposit.

  4. We will provide a 2D/3D mockup if requested (additional charge).

  5. We will begin to build the table and will send you update photos and information throughout the project.

  6. We will send you picture(s) of the finished product(s) for approval before shipping out. The outstanding balance will have to be paid upon your approval.

  7. We will arrange shipping to your provided address. The general estimated shipping time is 4-7 days, which will vary depending on your location.

    WhatsApp: +852-6671 3303

    Email: enquiry@epoxywoodhk.com

    Instagram / Facebook: @epoxywoodhk


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