What is an Epoxy Resin River Table?

What is an Epoxy Resin River Table?

An epoxy resin river table is a hybrid piece of furniture made with wooden slabs and dyed epoxy resin. The natural edges of the wood and magical colours of the epoxy resin create a beautiful image that resembles a flowing river.

A variant is the epoxy resin ocean table, which resembles stunning waves crashing against a timbered shoreline.

Each table is unique and flaunts high quality craftsmanship. Created with the utmost care and skill of wood artists, epoxy resin river tables can warm the hearts of both lovers of wood furniture and those who prefer the contemporary and chic style for their homes.


There are no limits to creativity in the crafting of an epoxy resin river table - be it vivid colours and extravagant designs or neutral tones with more conservative and clean designs. Almost anything is possible.


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