What’s an Epoxy Resin River Table?

What’s an Epoxy Resin River Table?

An Epoxy Resin River Table is a hybrid furniture, made out of wooden planks and Rein in between. Often the blanks have natural edges, the containing Resin Epoxy between looks like a flowing river.



The idea and the trend of the so-called Epoxy Resin River Tables comes from the USA like so many others. In the last years a real epoxy resin table fever has broken out all over the world, of course also in Brazil. Because these tables are very modern but at the same time also extremely noble and high-quality. In addition, they are real eye-catchers and radiate an exotic beauty.



Above all, the Epoxy Resin River Tables create a very exciting contrast through the combination of wood and mostly dyed resin and are therefore extremely appealing for most people. The special thing about these pieces of furniture made of wood and resin, however, is that they cannot be assigned to any style direction and appeal to very different furnishing styles. Both lovers of wood furniture and people who prefer the modern style are equally addressed by this type of epoxy table.



There are no limits to creativity in the crafting of an Epoxy Resin River Table: from the most exotic variants with vivid colours and structures and extravagant design to more conservative, clean designs, with neutral or more transparent colours, almost anything is possible.



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